When you’re on an extreme sports tour, you want to look good. With the style and street cred to make daring moves that push boundaries. Out-the-box thinking brings unique style to the audience of thrill-seeking, adrenaline-hungry sports enthusiasts. Whether you snowboard or mountain climb, you’ve got to trust that you’re up for the grueling, intense experience.

Choose a Sport

Amateur and professional extreme sports athletes are influencing attitudes, causing everyday people to move beyond what they thought was possible, reaching further and taking risks. It’s a mindset. Millions watch the X Games and the Olympics. Motocross bikers flip in mid-air. Skateboarders perform acrobatics above hard concrete. Paragliders take to the sky with grace and ease. It takes practice to become the best. Choose a sport that you love.

Build the Brand

Professional athletes know that with each spectacular move, they are building an audience. Well-known retailers offer name brands that cater to the extreme sports athlete. Not surprising, since sports apparel is a multibillion-dollar business. There are also niche websites, such as Freestyleextreme.com. It claims to be the number one site where extreme sports athletes go for extreme couture.

The athlete is a brand. Simon Dumont, a 21-year old medal winner from the X Games, launched his own apparel brand for snowboarders, called Empire. Surf Diva supplies women’s surfing gear. Owned by former surfer Isabelle Tihanyi, who got into the industry as surfing apparel sales grew more than 100 million per year. Big brands, like Nike and Red Bull also look for athletes that perfect their craft.

Buy Protective Gear

Extreme Sports are dangerous. Wherever you buy the gear, pick something that fits your unique style, but will keep you safe. Since extreme sports apparel is known for durability, manufacturers design the products for comfort, safety, and style. Pick the head and body gear that is light enough to give you the competitive advantage and strong enough to ensure your body’s protection.