If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for the next fix, extreme sports may be just the jump, kick, or chase that you need to get pumped up. It takes a special kind of person to throw caution to the wind in these extreme sports that are gaining in popularity.

Extreme biking pits athletes against nature in a risky ride through treacherous mountain terrain. Downhill biking requires participants to avoid bumps, rocks, and trees while shooting down a mountain at super-fast speeds. High risk is a part of the high-adventure sport. Injuries range from minor cuts to broken bones. With the proper attire, training, and courage, it’s possible to overcome the obstacles to be a champion.

Extreme skateboarding combines high-flying tricks, flips, and jumps with the personality of the rider to create a fun and thrilling sport. Popular worldwide, many participate for fun or recreation. Major competitions include points that are awarded by judges to determine the overall winner. Like any sport, it takes practise to be the best. There are also variations of the sport, such as downhill boarding.

Cliff jumping takes danger to the max, with jumpers risking it all to dive off the edge of a mountain. There’s an art to the sport. Divers find out-of-the-way and dangerously high cliffs, turning the jump itself into a work of art, as they float or perform acrobatics in the descent. No equipment is required. It is one of the most dangerous of all sports because some jumpers die while attempting dives.

In freestyle motocross, riders jump high, creating dynamic, over-the-top stunts to excite the audience and the judges. Bikers use modified motorcycles and protective gear. Jumping from a ramp, bikers create an awe-inspiring moment in the air. In competitions, evaluations are based on originality and difficulty.

Extreme sports keep the heart pumping, with death-defying tricks and high-speed action. With so many to choose from, these popular sporting activities are drawing millions of fans.