Nothing beats the sight of a shark’s teeth to get the heart pumping. Shark diving is one extreme sport that’s got enthusiasts excited about spending time in a cage, with the fearsome creatures swimming past. It’s one of several extreme sporting tours that are growing in popularity around the globe.

Located in Cape Town Central, South Africa, Extreme Scene is one of the highest rated adventurous sporting outfits on Trip Advisor. With five stars as of this publication date and more than 150 positive reviews, the company is making its mark in the extreme sports touring industry. According to reports, the owner caters to the needs of customers, offering several, fun, adrenaline-filled activities for the brave and the curious. From paragliding to skydiving, this tour is bound to make a lasting impression.

Wild 5 Adventures of Oribi George, South Africa offer an exciting ride on a zip line that takes passengers for a 55-storey drop that you’ll never forget. It’s one of several exciting extreme sports that reviewers are calling, “awesome, super, and gorgeous.” The company also has a suspension bridge, white water rafting, and other activities. With five stars on Trip Advisor as of publication, Wild 5 Adventures is making extreme sporting exciting and fun.

Fearless Adventures in Wilderness, South Africa, is staking its claim on the extreme sporting market. You’re in for an adventure that includes fast-moving waters and breathtaking scenery. Offering kayaking, canyoning, and surfing, reviewers are saying that their professional guides provide an “amazing” experience.

Whether you’re looking to push the envelope by interacting with some of the most exotic animals and fish on the planet, or you just want the rush that comes with extreme sports, taking it to the max in South Africa is one way to reach your goal. With beautiful landscapes and well-reviewed companies to guide the way, your extreme sports touring adventure awaits you.