You’re going on a holiday vacation to prove that you can move with the best in extreme sports. The itinerary is full of exciting adventures guaranteed to determine that you can jump higher, dive to a deeper depth, and speed faster than any professional athlete. Before you head to the airport to put your strength, endurance, and flexibility to the test, make sure that you’ve got these few items handled to ensure that the trip is an enjoyable and a safe one.

Check your coverage. Extreme sports activities include bungee jumping, hang gliding and other sports that insurers label as risky. There are insurance companies that will not cover high-risk sports. However, some will give coverage, if you pay an additional fee. Online brokers may offer the best advantage with the ability to check prices on various products offered by multiple insurers. This is especially helpful for obtaining medical, equipment, and luggage coverage.

Prepare for the activities. Check online reviews to ensure that your extreme sports guides or providers are giving customers positive and safe experiences. Make sure that you have the correct clothing and gear that you need, to be comfortable, and still be safe.

For high altitudes, stay hydrated, drinking 100 ounces of liquid daily. Pace yourself as you move higher, giving your body a day to adjust to elevations of more than 5000 feet. Eat regularly to keep your energy level high. Make an appointment with your doctor for a check-up, if you have a medical condition that may be aggravated at high altitudes.

Be sure to stretch and warm up for a few minutes before any strenuous activities. Follow the instructions of the guide or coach. With millions of accidents occurring to novice extreme sports enthusiasts, it’s best to take every precaution to make sure you have a fantastic, injury-free experience.